316/L Schedule 40S

Products in this category are sold and priced in 6 metre lengths.

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Pipe Welded 316/316L, 8Nb, 13.72mm OD X 2.24mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640008
In Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$31.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 10Nb, 17.15mm OD X 2.31mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640010
In Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$39.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 15Nb, 21.34mm OD X 2.77mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640015
Plenty of Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$62.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 20Nb, 26.70mm OD X 2.87mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640020
Plenty of Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$66.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 25Nb, 33.40mm OD X 3.38mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640025
Plenty of Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$100.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 32Nb, 42.16mm OD X 3.56mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640032
Plenty of Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$140.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 40Nb, 48.26mm OD X 3.68mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640040
Not In Stock. Please contact us for backorder.
Ex Tax: AUD$163.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 50Nb, 60.33mm OD X 3.91mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640050
Plenty of Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$210.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 65Nb, 73.03mm OD X 5.16mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640065
In Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$332.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 80Nb, 88.90mm OD X 5.49mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640080
In Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$455.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 90Nb, 101.60mm OD X 5.74mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640090
Not In Stock. Please contact us for backorder.
Ex Tax: AUD$661.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 100Nb, 114.30mm OD X 6.02mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640100
In Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$654.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 125Nb, 141.30mm OD X 6.55mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640125
In Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$954.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 150Nb, 168.30mm OD X 7.11mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640150
In Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$1,123.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 200Nb, 219.08mm OD X 8.18mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640200
In Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$1,769.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 250Nb, 273.05mm OD X 9.27mm (Wall) , Schedule 40S (6 metres)
Code: PW31640250
In Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$2,528.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 300Nb, 323.85mm OD X 9.53mm (Wall) , STD Wall (6 metres)
Code: PW31640300
Low in Stock (less than 10)
Ex Tax: AUD$4,145.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 350Nb, 355.60mm OD X 9.53mm (Wall) , STD Wall (6 metres)
Code: PW31640350
Low in Stock (less than 10)
Ex Tax: AUD$3,985.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 400Nb, 406.40mm OD X 9.53mm (Wall) , STD Wall (6 metres)
Code: PW31640400
In Stock
Ex Tax: AUD$5,447.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 450Nb, 457.20mm OD X 9.53mm (Wall) , STD (6 metres)
Code: PW31640450
Low in Stock (less than 10)
Ex Tax: AUD$5,878.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 500Nb, 508.00mm OD X 9.53mm (Wall) , STD (6 metres)
Code: PW31640500
Low in Stock (less than 10)
Ex Tax: AUD$7,196.00
Pipe Welded 316/316L, 600Nb, 609.60mm OD X 9.53mm (Wall) , STD (6 metres)
Code: PW31640600
Low in Stock (less than 10)
Ex Tax: AUD$12,199.00
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